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Client Testimonials

 Bridge City Firm has a very competitive price for their marketing packages. The return on investment for us was big and immediate. If your company is having a tough time getting new clients on Google and Facebook, then don’t pass up on the offer that Bridge City has right now.

Leeland P, Moving Company

 We needed a quick way to get more exposure online, and did not have a ton of time to manage all that. Bridge City knew right away what to do and how to get the job done fast. We all get really excited every time a new job comes in off Google, and we thank Bridge City for all of their help on that.

Joe C, General Contractor

 Bridge City took over our marketing from another company that was not producing us any results. They also re-designed our website and we love the finished product as do our customers. The website is iPhone friendly, easy to use and loads fast. We have been getting a lot of new clients from their efforts and are really happy we made the switch.

Harvey B, Personal Injury Lawyer

 I was very happy with how much more traffic our website receives from Google after just a short time with Bridge City Firm. Their turn around time is crazy fast, and we love that they threw in social media. They use a comprehensive approach to tackling online marketing, and they do not miss a thing.

Randall J, Landscaping Design

 Don’t hesitate to give Bridge City Firm a shot. They work at lightning speed and get the job done as promised, no questions asked. We noticed a huge difference in our new phone calls in just over a month so our sales have never been better.

David M, Dentist

 Our practice has a lot of competition in our city, so we used Bridge City Firm to rise above it and get ranked high on Google. We have grown considerably thanks to Google search traffic and social media. We now are fully booked and looking to bring on more help.

Laura H, Physical Therapist

 Signing up with Bridge City was a no-brainer after talking a bit with an account representative there. We had multiple offices for the to market and they did an incredible job right off the bat. Will be using them in the future!

Ryan M, Insurance Agent

 I have really enjoyed working with Bridge City so far. They have been informative, helpful and honest. We are now being found quite easily online, which is exactly why I hired them. The value for money is quite big for me, which is why I plan to utilize their services for as long as possible.

Jason Z, ENT

 Bridge City receives the highest of praise from me. They delivered on every promise they made and I was impressed by how quickly everything was set up. Our market is very competitive, so to see results in two days was pretty amazing.

Amy B, Immigration Attorney

 With 10 different locations and some very competitive search terms, we are a tall order as far as online marketing goes. Bridge City had no problem at all getting us set up and ranking well online. The majority of our target keywords have high rankings and we are seeing a huge increase in new clients because of this. Very impressive, and at such a good price.

Robert L, Criminal Defense Lawyer

 We work with high end clientele so having a professional up to date online presence is very important for us. Bridge City Firm handled every aspect of it with ease, and we are able to focus on our sales. Our business is going much smoother now with them on our team.

Sean C, Foreign Car Dealership

 Hiring Bridge City Firm was one of the best business decisions I’ve made this year. The work that they do is so valuable to us, and their pricing is some of the best I have seen. I was really happy at the fast response time I got from the customer service team when I had edits to my account. They are just a joy to work with.

Lucy B, Accident Attorney

 My firm has seen massive growth since hiring Bridge City to take over our marketing. I love the website, and their customer care team is very quick to respond. Thanks to Nate and the rest of the team for all of your hard work, looking forward to more big things to come!

Bill S, CPA

 Very happy with the services that Bridge City provides. I don’t understand any of it to be honest, but I do know that people are finally able to find us online when they Google estate planning, and that alone has been huge for me. Thank you Bridge City!

Bridget C, Estate Planning

 I have been with Bridge City for 6 months now and I have to say I am pretty impressed. They have consistently been getting me more and more business each month, it has been a huge help. Will likely be signing up for the social media package once I can get some help in here. Thanks Bridge City!

Ryan T, Pest Control Services

 Bridge City has saved me a ton of time by taking over my online marketing efforts, really been loving the service so far. I am way too busy to dig in to all of this online marketing stuff so getting a free website with my Google marketing service was a big deal for me. Great service at a great price in my opinion.

John A, Financial Planner

 At first I was a little confused as to how they could offer this service at such a low price, but I can now say that this company is seriously legit. Before I migrated to Bridge City, I was paying $2000 a month for the exact same service but with less additional services like Social Media. Bridge City offers me everything and more for a fraction of that cost.

Mike H, Employment Lawyer

 I signed on with Bridge City Firm because of how intelligent and informative their support staff is. I was pretty impressed that they were able to get me so many new clients so quickly. When I want to make additions or edits to my account, they are on top of it. I would recommend them to just about any business owner looking to expand.

Rodney K, Roofing Services

 I heard about Bridge City from a colleague who had been talking them up so decided to give it a shot. In just a few short weeks I saw such a big increase in business that I was fully booked and considering hiring on some help. I recommend them all the time now as it is pretty hands off, you can focus on your work while they do all the marketing for you.

Amber W, Bookkeeper

 I did not really know what to expect when signing up with Bridge City, but I did know that I wanted more clients coming in the door. They did not disappoint, and I have been blown away by all of their hard work and what it has done for me. I have seen a huge increase in new business, and I will be a long time customer of Bridge City Firm.

Mark T, Insurance Agent

 My law firm had trouble getting any real traction on Google. After we hired Bridge City Firm everything changed for us. Their aggressive approach to creating a comprehensive SEO strategy for my specific areas of practice was an incredible investment for us.

Nick S, Lawyer

 Being found online is how I get 90% of my new customers. Bridge City Firm helped me get listed on the first page of Google for the best possible search terms for me. The service they provide is incredibly valuable to me and I have been consistently happy with the results. On top of that, the team at Bridge City is incredibly kind and helpful, the response time is amazing. Thank you Bridge City Firm!

Grant L, Estate Planning Lawyer

 Online Marketing and Social media has always been a bit of a mystery to me, so I decided to hire Bridge City Firm after speaking with Nate in the customer care department. I was not disappointed. We are getting calls from people finding us online, and they even set us up with a beautiful new website.

Linda G, Insurance Agent

 Bridge City made a huge impact on my bottom line. Within weeks of signing up they had us blowing up online and we started getting tons more customers coming in to the office. Search engine marketing is very powerful, and we are thankful to Bridge City for taking us along for the ride.

Alexander C, Chiropractor

 Working with Bridge City Firm has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. They are informative, helpful and honest. Our website and listings are getting a lot of views, and we are >booking more appointments than ever. You get a lot for your money when working with this company. They go above and beyond.

Jason Z, Realtor

 Bridge City Firm gets a glowing review from me! They over delivered on every aspect of my marketing package and I was impressed with how quickly they were able to get results. We were able to rank well for very competitive search phrases and the results have been very fruitful.

Amy D, Bookkeeper

 There is a lot of competition in our area, and we were excited to see how quickly Bridge City was able to rank us above our competitors on Google. All of our target keywords have high rankings and we are seeing consistent phone calls from this. The customer service team has also been incredibly kind and responsive any time we need to make a change to our account. Thank you Bridge City!

Robert L, Personal Injury Lawyer

 We have a very busy office and not a lot of time to micro manage our internet marketing. It was a huge relief when we got signed up with Bridge City, because they handle everything for you. Our website is finally competing online and we are getting found by new customers.

Samantha F, DDS

 Hiring Bridge City Firm has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am far from an expert when it comes to online marketing, so their full service solution was just what my office needed. Now that they have us showing up online, we are getting a lot more interested customers calling in to set up appointments. I am very grateful for all of their hard work.

Lance K, Naturopath

 Thanks to the great team over at Bridge City Firm, we can focus on getting our jobs done, while they make sure we are getting found on the internet when people are searching for a landscaper. We have been very happy with the results, and the new website they made for us is really sharp.

Randall S, Landscaper

 I have worked with a lot of SEO companies, some ok, some not so great – Bridge City Firm has by far brought me the best results, that being more new business. We knew from past experience that our market on Google is very competitive, and we had some lofty goals. Every goal was reached within the first 2 months. Bridge City is the real deal, and I would recommend them to anyone.

Adam M, DUI Lawyer

 In my world, I your business is not growing, it’s dying. That’s why having a marketing channel like Bridge City Firm on our side is a major relief for us. We sistent new leads that we are able to convert, and our ROI is massive. You simply cannot beat the price they offer.

AdamRobert M, Insurance Agent

 Getting people to be able to find us online had been very difficult, but we knew there was hope. We spoke with Henry at Bridge City Firm and explained to him what kinds of cases we handled, and he did all of the rest. Within the first week our Google listing was brining us a lot of phone calls, and our website was getting more traffic. We are so grateful for the work they have done for us, and for the price that we could afford.

Maria R, Criminal Defense Lawyer

 Our website and general online presence was quite dated, up until we retained the services of Bridge City Firm. The website designers did an amazing job getting us a modern website up and running, and we were able to customize it fully. What really wowed us though, was when we started getting a huge increase in phone calls from interested potential clients finding us online. If only we had done this sooner!

Brandon T, Business Lawyer
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